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A family-owned Japaness restaurant serving classic Japaness dishes that have been in our family for generations.

  • Fun atmosphere
  • Family-owned
  • Great prices

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What We Do

We have relied purely on our consistently fresh and high-quality fish and food to keep our steady customer's coming back for more. If you are looking for no-frills fresh sushi, dished up with attentive service at affordable prices, look no further then Mishima. . For us, these recipes are more than just food and our restaurant is more than just a place to eat. We want to create a completely comfortable experience for our customers. From our friendly service to our relaxing atmosphere, we welcome you to come in and take a break from the bustling city streets.

 Delivery Range

  Midtown East
  • 1st Ave. ~ 5th Ave.
  • 23rd St.  ~ 40th St.